Linen Chute

The Concept:

complete solution to linen conveyance is provided to the customer depending upon requirement.

Applicable Standard: 
NFPA 82: 2009 ,BS 1703:2005
NBC 2005, BIS ,BIS 6924:2001
UL 10 B for Fire Rating

Standard Size: 350mm to 900mm
MOC: SS316 / SS304 / SS430 / Gi

Advantages of
Garbage Chute

Timely waste collection

Enhanced Hygiene

Safe and Secure

Quick,simple and convenient disposal of waste

Low Cost method of disposing waste

Ventillation Section

A cylindrical housing with replaceable stiff nylon brushes is automatically lowered and raised by a geared electric motor. The nylon brushes scrape and clean the internal surface as they move down and up the chute. The water supply for flushing the chute, the electric motor and the built in safety overloads, are all individually controlled by a robust electric logic control. The bristles arereplaceable easily.

Central 120 deg solid cone profile discharge sprinkler provided above the last intake level, placed strategically to provide full circular coverage. An optional disinfectant & saniitizer system is designed to give manual or automatic flushing, sanitizing and disinfection of the internal surface of the Kleanchute.

The exhaust fan can be timed to operate only at fixed intervals to control noise as well as power wastage. A prime requirement for effective mechcanical exhaust ventilation is the provision of fresh intake air at the bottom floor.

A reduced diameter ventilation section accommodating and exhaust fan at the chute reduction level of high RPM.

Bird / Insect Screen is a mesh-wire screen located at top which prevents birds or insects from getting into the chute.

Central 120 deg solid cone profile discharge sprinkler provided above the last intake level, placed strategically to provide full circular coverage.

Floor Intake Section

The most important user interfacing part of the chute is the Intake Hopper Door. Kleanchute offers UL® 10B – 90 Min Rated Doors in various sizes depending on the type of chute provided.

The intake door hopper is affixed to the throat of the floor intake section that helps carry the trash or linen through the chute vertical duct. chute has a special double slope design for centering the trash within the chute. A distinct feature the design is also the swaging and mechanical crimping done on end of the the chute sections. This provides excellent circular dimensional stability to the chute and enhances long term leak proof performance.

The pipes connect to each of the Intake Hoppers and Throats Section and convey the trash downwards.

Fire Sprinklers are installed at regular intervals. In case of fire, these sprinklers automatically start spraying water.

Water Sprinklers installed at regular intervals sprinkle water during Chute cleaning process.

Discharge Section

Garbage chute terminates at the bottom by ending into a trolley.

A Control panel is available with a variety of control options

Automatic Odor Control Unit is provided to neutralize odors arising out of garbages.


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Mumbai International Airport T2

Total Installations :
10 Locations | Chute Diameter L 750m | Material: SS 304(1.5 mm)

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